Water Transfer Printing

At 2KE Graphics, we offer Water Transfer Printing with our state of the art equipment in our 2200 sqft facility. Water Transfer Printing is a process where an existing part or product can receive a custom or new finish. It is also known as hydrographics, camo-dipping, hydro-imaging or aqua-graphics. There are currently over 1000 different patterns/films to choose from that range from camo to skulls and anything in between. So what can be coated or dipped with these cool graphics? The rule of thumb is, if it can be painted then it can be dipped. Common items include bows, automotive items (bumpers, mirrors, dashes, engine parts, intakes and valve covers), motorcycle fenders, tanks and helmets, hard hats, gaming controllers, even household items such as picture frames and ceiling fan blades.


Great Products, Good Turnaround Time.

- Michael B.

Quality Work. Very knowledgeable and they care about making you, the customer, happy and satisfied.

- Armondo C.


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